I think everyone wants to do something to contribute to the effort to “go green.” For me, I found it in furniture restoration. I love this process for so many reasons. I love old furniture. Many pieces are built so much better than new furniture. I love to be creative. I love the idea of bringing something back to life – someone, somewhere designed and created the original piece in a hope that it would have a long life. By updating it, that life continues on. I love the look of something custom. My furniture pieces you cannot find at your local home goods store, in fact, you can’t find it anywhere. It is an inexpensive way to furnish your home. None of the attached furniture cost me more than $50. In fact, one of these pieces was free – I saved it from a trip to the landfill. Anyone can do this – it takes a good eye, some elbow grease and some technique. My invitation to you is to watch for opportunities to reuse, recycle, repurpose and restore. 

Before/After Examples: